Corporate Law

Corporate Law practice requires a high degree of diligence coupled with the ability to identify both potential risks and opportunities. Avid Legal provides legal services at all stages of a business cycle, right from the inception of an entity to general corporate matters, guiding companies routinely on their business and legal issues to assisting and advising them in relation to complex transactions.


We also carry out due diligence, drafting and negotiating documents, providing regulatory, corporate compliance solutions, structuring advice, entry - exit mechanism and provide end-to-end results to our clients. Our client base comprises of various MSMEs and Individual run corporate houses.


How can we help?


Avid Legal understands the importance of a robust foundation. To ensure this, it is crucial for a corporate to keep its house in order and paperwork intact. We assist corporates to achieve this goal by taking care of its documentation and filing work, legal compliance management, its reporting and due diligence for performance, expansion and day to day running of the business etc.


Time and resources spent on getting a well-drafted Contract / Agreement can save a corporate from several legal complications and issues. We have experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of business/ commercial contracts. We ensure that clauses incorporated in a Contract/Agreement are clear, adequate, sufficiently rigid to safeguard our client’s interest and covers all the future eventualities and contingencies. 

Preparation of Internal Policies:


Every company is expected to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Therefore, it is essential to have proper internal policies and procedures providing a road-map, structure as well as consistency to an organization. Such policies provide guidance for decision-making, as well as streamline internal control and processes. It is essential that these policies cover various facets of a company including recruitment policies, the rule for employees and higher management, service regulations, internal disciplinary committee rule/ procedure, grievance redressal procedure, HR policies, etc.


Having a legally sound and adequate Internal Policy in place helps the HR and management to navigate through smoothly, provide ease of reference and certainty in the implementation of the laws while avoiding the risk of penalties, violation of law or harms to the organization’s reputation.


Sector-Specific Advisory and Statutory Compliance:


 We understand the regulatory environment and the intricacies involved in these sectors in India and are able to help our clients achieve their business objectives. We prepare a legal framework of applicable statutory compliances for our corporate client. It is pertinent for an organization to abide by all the statutory requirements and obey the law of the land. Many of such compliances under the Companies Act, Bureau of Indian Standards; RBI Regulations, FEMA, Income Tax Act, local state laws etc. are recurring in nature and need to be timely adhered to.  


As the compliance requirement is generally sector specific, we conduct in-house research, inspection and identify all the requisite statutory compliance which a company has to abide by.

Review and Preparation of Communications and Notices:


We understand the importance of non-ambiguous internal and external communications exchanged and issued by a company in a timely manner. Thus we strive for prompt execution of the work and ensure that such communications serve the best interests of a company. We assist our clients in the preparation of such communication and letters on day to day basis.


​Advisory Services:


Avid Legal has expertise in forward-backward research depending on the need and nature of a case. We regularly advise our clients for their new and/or ongoing venture. We help our clients to strive for business efficacy and effective growth by providing systematic and strategical layouts.


We also provide advisory services relating to the day-to-day functioning of a corporate as well as on regulatory, governance, operational and structuring matters. We advise corporates on management issues relating to liabilities of a company, duties and obligations of individual directors and governance risks faced by the board of directors. We also have the experience and expertise in providing pragmatic solutions and strategic guidance to companies on governance issues, corporate compliance and how to protect themselves from adversarial litigation that could affect their business operations.