General Corporate Compliance

In today’s economy, business structures are complex, wide and involve an interplay of multiple factors and the same needs to be examined minutely. If not, it may pose a serious challenge in achieving desired results. Therefore, the corporate need to realize the significance of compliance management as an exclusive tool for achieving seamless operation, excellence and value addition.


Every Corporate set up requires effective corporate compliance to sustain, compete and grow in the backdrop of ever-changing law. Corporate compliance is essential in order to steer clear of the regulatory hiccups, which may otherwise negatively impact your projected growth, ultimately resulting in unwanted losses. 


How can we help?


Our clients belong to different sectors including but not limited to manufacturing and service industries, real estate, automotive, construction, energy & infrastructure, food and beverages, healthcare, hospitality, media and entertainment, telecommunications, outsourcing & IT and financial services.


We provide advisory services relating to the day-to-day functioning of a corporate as well as on regulatory, governance, operational and structuring matters. We advise corporate on management issues relating to liabilities of a company, duties and obligations of individual directors and governance risks faced by the board of directors. We regularly handle a mandatory reporting requirement on behalf of various companies. We also have the experience and expertise in providing a practical approach and strategic guidance to companies on governance issues, corporate compliance and advice on how to best protect themselves from legal issues that could adversely affect their business operations.


We also have experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of business contracts such as manufacturing, sales and distribution agreements, promotional contracts, supply agreements, purchase agreements, outsourcing, project development and management agreements.